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This Book is dedicated to all of the children of God who have the heart to serve God, and who have been saying for a long time that we have not been working enough for God.


Bishop N.D Nhlapo is the preacher of the word of God who Founded God Never fails Ministries, GNF Foundation and GNF TV (satellite television station that is changing millions of lives.)

In 1992, God gave him the vision for God Never Fails Ministries. But the Lord told him he must write the vision down for it was for the appointed time.

Bishop N.D Nhlapo continued to serve under Assemblies of God church until 2002 when the Lord appeared to him again and said now it is the time for God Never Fails Ministries, it was not easy but in 2003, he obeyed the Lord and started God Never Fails Ministries.

Bishop N.D Nhlapo studied Theology at Hertage of Faith Bible College. In 2007, he was ordained as Bishop. In 2011, he was honoured with Doctorate. Bishop is married to V.E Nhlapo and God blessed them with 3 children.



We believe in the great commission, “Matthew 28:19” We believe in Water Baptism and Holy Spirit, as well as the teachings of the word of God.

  • We believe in Holiness.
  • We believe in Holy Communion.
  • We believe in Prosperity.
  • We believe in Miracles.
  • We believe in divine healing and deliverance.

GNF Ministries

A place of your destiny; where dreams become a reality
The Church where we preach Christ and Him alone
The sick get healed
People get delivered
The barren give birth
Hopes are restored
Miracles are part of us


GNF TV – Changing millions of lives through TV with entertainment
Through Gods will we have a TV station that has Christian content to entertain, Teach, empower and inform everyone.

GNF Foundation

We bring hope to the hopeless.

We reach out to number of disadvantaged communities.

The Foundation is involved in projects such as building houses for destitute people, distribution of food parcels and school uniforms to the children who are needy.

GNF Crusades

God Never Fails Crusade is the outreach ministry where we move from city to city, place to place, preaching the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, praying for the sick and delivering people from the power of darkness